🧑‍💻Core Technologies

Overview of the key technologies used in the development and execution of HyperMove Games

Game Technology

HyperMove distinguishes itself in the gaming landscape by incorporating Web3 technology and introducing innovative features that enhance the gaming experience for players. The following points highlight the unique aspects of HyperMove:

  • Unity 3D Engine - Our platform and game IPs are fully built on Unity 3D Engine which offers a seamless experience, cross-platform support, and advanced features set up to build an amazing playing experience for our players.

  • Ready Player Me - Offers cross-platform 3D avatar system. Learn more here

  • Particle Network - Offers the full stack web 3 development from user authorization to wallet to on-ramp payment solution. Learn more here

  • BNB SmartChain - Blockchain network to run on-chain transactions. More here

  • Elixer Gamelauncher:- Multi chain game launcher

  • Space-Id - Offer Ens name to wallet address

Blockchain Integration:

HyperMove leverages blockchain technology to provide a transparent and secure gaming environment. The use of blockchain ensures tamper-proof transactions, verifiable ownership of virtual assets, and transparent reward distribution. This integration empowers players by giving them full control over their in-game assets and providing opportunities for asset trading and monetization.

NFTs and Tokenization:

HyperMove utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to represent unique in-game items and collectibles. These NFTs can be acquired through gameplay or purchased from other players. NFTs enable players to truly own their virtual assets, as they are recorded on the blockchain, making them scarce and valuable. Tokenization of in-game assets adds a new dimension to the gaming experience, allowing players to trade, sell, and even earn revenue from their virtual possessions.

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