The Hypermove project has been in development for the past 1.5 years, driven by a talented team of individuals with extensive experience in game development and a deep understanding of blockchain technology. The team comprises seasoned game developers who have been actively involved in the industry for over a decade, bringing their expertise and passion to create a groundbreaking gaming experience. With a strong background in both gaming and blockchain, the team is well-positioned to deliver on the vision of Hypermove and ensure a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into the gaming landscape. Abhinav Kishore ( LinkedIn ):- Our Founder and CEO, Abhinav Kishore, possesses a wealth of experience as a Senior Executive in the Metaverse, GameFi, NFT, and Web3 economy sectors. With over five years of experience in the blockchain industry, he has held senior positions at leading firms.

Alok mishra ( Linkedin ):- Our CTO Alok Mishra is an experienced Web3/NFT/Gaming developer. He leads all our Blockchain and Smart Contracts innovation and execution along with Crypto enabling the combined M2E and P2E economy of our Game.

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