Q2 2023:

  • Mobile Version Beta Testing: Hypermove initiates the beta testing phase for the mobile version of the game, ensuring optimal performance and user experience across different mobile devices.

  • Launch of Three Hyper Casual Games: Hypermove releases three hyper casual games to cater to a broader audience and expand its gaming portfolio.

  • Game Testing Rewards and Airdrops: Hypermove rewards early adopters and testers with in-game rewards and conducts airdrops to generate excitement and engagement within the community.

  • Token Generation Event: Hypermove launches its token generation event, enabling users to participate in the project's token sale and acquire tokens that will serve as the foundation for the in-game economy.

Q3 2023:

  • NFT Launch and Initial NFT Offering (INO): Hypermove introduces its NFT ecosystem, allowing players to mint, trade, and utilize NFT assets within the game. The INO provides an opportunity for users to acquire exclusive NFTs at the early stage of the project.

  • Renting Portal Pass: Hypermove introduces a renting portal pass, allowing players to rent high-value in-game assets and NFTs for a limited duration, providing them with temporary access to powerful items and enhancing their gameplay experience.

  • NFT Marketplace Launch: The Hypermove NFT marketplace goes live, offering a wide selection of NFTs for purchase, rental, and trading. Players can explore a diverse range of unique and rare assets to power up their gameplay.

  • Final Launch of Mobile Version: Hypermove officially launches the mobile version of the game, making it accessible to a wider audience of mobile gamers.

  • Move to Earn Beta Testing: Hypermove introduces the Move to Earn feature, allowing players to earn rewards and tokens by engaging in physical activities and exercising, further enhancing the concept of play-to-earn.

Q4 2023:

  • Move to Earn Launch: The Move to Earn feature is fully launched, enabling players to earn rewards and tokens by integrating physical activity and exercise into their gameplay routine. This innovative feature promotes a healthy and active lifestyle while providing additional incentives for players.

  • Roadmap 2024 Launch: Hypermove unveils its roadmap for the year 2024, showcasing upcoming features, updates, and expansions planned for the game and the ecosystem. The roadmap provides transparency and establishes a clear vision for the future development of Hypermove.

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