Token utility

The native token of the Hypermove ecosystem plays a pivotal role in driving the in-game economy and empowering players with valuable utility. Here are some key applications of the token:

  1. In-Game Assets: The token serves as a representation of in-game assets, including weapons, armor, and other items that players can own and utilize within the game world. Players can acquire, trade, and upgrade these assets using the token, enhancing their gameplay experience and strategic options.

  2. Tournament Participation: Minimal token holdings are required to participate in tournaments and competitive events hosted within the Hypermove ecosystem. By holding a certain amount of tokens, players gain access to exclusive tournaments and have the opportunity to compete for valuable prizes and recognition.

  3. Digital Collectibles: The token can be used as a medium for acquiring and trading digital collectibles within the Hypermove ecosystem. These digital collectibles can range from cosmetic items and character skins to rare artifacts and unique in-game achievements. Collectors and enthusiasts can showcase their collections, trade with other players, and derive value from the scarcity and desirability of these digital assets.

  4. Game-Based NFTs: Players can own and trade NFTs through the use of tokens, representing ownership of in-game assets and virtual properties. These game-based NFTs can have various properties, such as enhanced attributes, unique abilities, or limited edition status, making them highly sought after by players and collectors alike.

  5. In-Game Currency: The token functions as an in-game currency that can be used for various in-game transactions, such as purchasing consumables, upgrading equipment, unlocking exclusive content, and accessing premium features. This provides players with a seamless and efficient medium of exchange within the Hypermove ecosystem.

$Hmove Token ( Know-How)

Premium tounaments

  • Participate in-game Tounaments

  • Participate in Group Contests

  • Participate in Large Pooled Contests

  • Challenge other players in the PvP format

  • Participate in the weekly tournaments/events

In-game store and MarketPlace

  • Buy NFTs

  • Buy in-game items and power-ups

  • purchase Nft boosters

  • Purchase season pass


Stake and earning passive APY

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